For Prospective Students,

We are looking for highly motivated students with responsibility and decency who are interested in Finance and Business Analytics with an emphasis on

A student with the following undergraduate degree will be considered with priority:

「2024 Spring Admission」


[Admission Process]

An applicant must simultaneously satisfy the following two conditions to join the lab as a graduate student.


Applicants must have the undergraduate and graduate(if any) GPAs of 

*  For other grading systems, a GPA of 3.2/4.0, 3.5/4.3, or 92/100 or above is required
**  For other grading systems, a GPA of 3.4/4.0, 3.7/4.3, or 94/100 or above is required

② Applicants must have studied the following topics (or equivalent) during the (under)graduate coursework w/ B+ or above:

[Undergraduate Internship]

An undergraduate student who satisfies any of the following conditions is eligible for the undergraduate internship:

Note that,

「Degree Requirements」

[Basic Guidelines & Requirements]

[Ph.D./MS-PhD, 박사/석박사통합]

[M.Sc./BS-MS, 석사/학석사연계]

「Code of Conduct」


[Stipends & Incentives]