For Prospective Students,

We are looking for highly motivated students with responsibility and decency who are interested in financial innovation and decision analytics.  Students with the following undergraduate degree or background will be considered with priority:


Admission Process

An applicant must simultaneously satisfy the following two conditions to join the lab as a graduate student.

① An applicant must receive permission to join the lab from the director via a summer or winter internship.

② An applicant must receive admission to the graduate school (industrial engineering).


ⓞ FINX Lab. offers two degree programs:

① An applicant must have the undergraduate and graduate(if any) GPAs of 

*  3.30/4.0, 3.60/4.30, or 93/100 or above
**  3.50/4.0, 3.80/4.30, or 95/100 or above

② An applicant must have studied the following topics (or equivalent) during the (under)graduate coursework w/ B+ or above:

Undergraduate Research Assistant & Internship

An undergraduate student who satisfies any of the following conditions is eligible for the undergraduate research assistant program:

Note that,