Financial Innovation & AnalytiX Lab.

A passionate group of researchers exploring the financial innovation and applications of data analytics

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─ About US ─

Financial Innovation & AnalytiX Lab. (FINX, 금융혁신 및 애널리틱스 연구실) in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Hanyang University aims to discover the data-driven innovations based on the applied probability, complex system, time-series analysis & forecasting, and various machine/deep learning algorithms.

[ Domains of Expertise ]

Financial Markets & Risk Management

  • Integration of concepts in Econophysics, Financial engineering, Probability models, Fractional Brownian motion & Complex System

Investment Decision

  • Machine/Deep Learning-driven investment decision framework in financial markets and real options approach in projects valuation

Applied Analytics

  • Forecasting-based decision-making, ML applications in strategic management, and data-driven innovations in FinTech industry

─ recent news ─

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[Sep-01] Win a contract on an industry research project | Hyundai Glovis w/ Polarium

  • Current/future price prediction algorithm in used-vehicle market (40,000K)

[Sep-01] Receive an internal research fund | Hanyang University

  • Algorithm for predictive analytics based on the distribution of financial return series and its characteristics (20,000K)

[Sep-01] Appointment & Opening of the Lab

  • Prof. Jae Wook Song is appointed to the Department of Industrial Engineering at Hanyang University & opened the FinX Lab.

Financial Innovation & AnalytiX Lab.

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